Singers Inc.

The Ina Wiegand Singing Scholarship is awarded on an ongoing to one person who really wants to sing, but does not have the means to afford lessons with Rob.

Rob explains how the scholarship came about, as follows: "I was doing my licentiate in singing, and Ina offered to tutor me for free, as I could not afford the lessons. She helped me to pass with distinction, and in her honour, I have created this scholarship."

Details are as follows:

  • Runs for one year
  • Student must submit a letter of motivation via email ( - no spelling mistakes, good grammar
  • If the scholarship is awarded, student will train with Rob once a week for 45 minutes
  • If student misses more than 2 lessons without a valid reason, Singers Inc. reserves the right to revoke the scholarship
  • Terms and conditions apply
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